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The All-In-One RV and Caravan Rollout Awning Clothesline with Reversible Brackets simply fits over the awning tube. There is no need to purchase any additional items to install our clothesline brackets.

There are no other reversible brackets on the market that can be used externally or under the awning with built in tiedown clips, plus there is an awning support cradle built in, the small tube on the underside of the Cradle is where a tent pole can be located to take the weight of the awning tube when loaded up with washing.

A privacy screen can still be installed between the Brackets, the Brackets do not protrude over the groove as per picture.

The features above save the additional COST of Tiedown Clips and Awning Support Cradles.

They are so easy to install NO drilling required to install.

Please Note: The pictures of the brackets in white on our packaging and website are for Illustration purposes only. They have a Cast Aluminum Finish


The All-In-One Clothesline with Reversible Brackets has arrived.

Our new clotheslines will suit Carefree, Dometic, A&E Awnings, Aussie Traveller and many other Brands with 88mm to 90mm awning tube.

Australian Innovation Patent Number 2021102379

International Patent Pending Number PCT/ AU2022/050423.

Australian Registered Design Number 202210665.

Australian Registered Design Number 202214690

New Zealand Design Registration Number 431750

European Design Number 015011021-0001

Chinese Design Application Number 2023300440533

USA Design Pending Application Number US 29/884,371.

Terra-Pegs has a new range of Caravan and RV Reflective Awning Tie-Down Straps

They can be used on Fiamma, Thule, Dometic, Carefree, Lippert and Aussie Traveller Awnings, plus tent poles.

Our new range of straps come in a two-part kit form or single, below is the breakdown inclusions.

The Kit comprises of –

2 reflective straps – 2 x 600mm long & 2 x 2.5m long x 25mm wide webbing. Attached are 2 light weight trace springs.

The straps have a lashing capacity of 300kgs.

2 x 316 Stainless Steel snap hooks 80mm x 8mm & 4 G Hooks to keep the straps tidy.

RV & Caravan Reflective Awning Tiedown Straps

WARNING:  When tying down awnings it is the responsibility of the person carrying out the procedure to realise the straps and guy ropes are only a precautionary measure.  When strong and excessive winds prevail awnings should be wound in to prevent any damage to your awning.

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