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Pet Ground Anchor


Make Sure the Peg Is Drilled Completely into the GROUND

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The Secure Pet Ground Anchor Peg has the Hook and Eye moulded into the head of the peg for extra strength. There is no need for all the different types of plastic attachments that are supplied with other pegs on the market.How many times have the plastic attachments been lost when packing up, then not being able to use the pegs.The Terra-Pegs can be screwed into the ground by hand or using the Terra-Pegs 17mm drill adapter.It is the responsibility of the pet owner at all times not to leave your pet unattended when using the pet ground anchor.The Secure Pet Ground Anchor Peg includes:1 x 295mm Terra-Bite Peg for SMALL PETS

1 x Tension Spring

1 x 8cm x 8mm 316 Stainless Steel Snap Hook.

1 x 17mm Adaptor

Pet Ground Anchor Secure

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 2.2 cm
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