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Screw in Pegs Package 10 x 295mm Long 2 x 365mm Long Includes 17mm Drill Adapter Canvas Bag Terra-Big BITE



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Firma in the Ground

Australian Design Registration No 202213443

Our new range of Aluminum Screw in Pegs come in two sizes, the Terra-Bite which is 295mm long and the Terra-Big Bite which is 365mm long. We have designed the head of the pegs with a taper so when screwing the pegs into the ground the hook and eye will be flush with the ground. We have a provision in the head of the peg for placing a strong piece of round bar into the pegs so they can be screwed into the ground by hand or use a Terra-Pegs 17mm drill adapter.

The Terra-Pegs can be screwed into the ground by hand or using the Terra-Pegs 17mm drill adapter, it is easy to attach guy ropes or straps trace springs through either the hook or eye.

Included in Package

Screw In Ground Pegs

10 x Terra-BITE 295mm Long

2 x Terra- Big BITE 365mm Long

1 x 17mm Drill Adapter

1 Canvas Bag

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 18 cm
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