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All-In-One RV Clothesline with Reversible Brackets and built-in Tie Down Clips


  1. Roll out your awning to your desired pitch usually 8 metre / 6 feet from the ground.
  2. Remove the two brackets from the box, left-hand and right-hand plus a center support bracket.
  3. Once you have decided whether you want the clothesline on the outside or under the awning place the right-hand bracket over the roller tube close to the end support arm, then tighten up the clamp using the black knob. Once that bracket is secured, install the left-hand bracket the same way as the right-hand bracket.
  4. After completing Step 3 tie a knot at the end of the wire as shown in picture and start to thread the clothesline wire through the first hole closest to the awning tube. Feed the wire through the center support bracket. Then feed wire into the other end bracket and work back to the other end bracket. Supplied are 2 plastic tensioners, one is for a spare Install the tensioner where you started feeding the wire through as per picture and start to tension both wires.

RV & Caravan Clothesline Brackets, Wire Tensioner

  1. There is an awning support cradle built in. The small tube on the underside of the Cradle is where a tent pole can be located to take the weight of the awning tube when hanging out the washing on the line. “Poles Not Supplied”
  2. Once the awning is tied down by using guy ropes or straps, install another support pole under the center support bracket. “Pole Not Supplied”

Please Note: Some Aussie Traveller awning tubes have dome head screws. These will have to be changed to countersunk or flathead screws as the brackets will not clamp tightly around the tube. Please contact Aussie Traveller re size of screws.

Aussie Traveller Awning Tube.

Please NoteSome late model Carefree awnings have plastic covers. Check there is at least 25mm gap between the vinyl and the end support arm of the awning.

Carefree Awning Cowel


When tying down awnings it is the responsibility of the person carrying out the procedure to realise the straps and guy ropes are only a precautionary measure.

When strong and excessive winds prevail awnings should be wound in to prevent any damage to your awning. 

Remove clothesline before retracting the awning as serious damage can be done to the awning and the clothesline.

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