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By Chris Fincham 25 May 2023

Clever Aussie invention takes the hassle out of drying bed sheets and towels when caravanning

The makers of the innovative Reverse Mate caravan reversing aid have released another great Aussie invention for caravanners designed to make life easier on the road.

Now on sale, the new All-in-One Awning Clothesline from Reverse Mate is the brainchild of Queenslander Grahame Pilgrim, an experienced RV traveller and serial inventor with a background in engineering and building.

Pilgrim says his latest invention weights 2.6kg and takes up less storage space than an umbrella-type or fold-up clothesline. It also won’t blow over in the wind, and can dry many more items as well as larger items like sheets and towels at the one time.

“The Reverse Mate All-In-One Clothesline can take full size sheets plus another line spare, (and) they fold up into a 250mm x 210mm x 150mm box,” he says.

According to Pilgrim, the two supplied clothesline brackets fit easily over the awning tube, and everything else you need is supplied in the kit including two awning tiedown clips, a centre line support bracket, 15 metres of 4mm plastic coated wire with a 165kg breaking strain, and two plastic strainer clips to tension the wire.

“There are no other brackets on the market that can be used externally or under the awning with built-in tiedown clips, plus no drilling (is) needed to install the clothesline,” he says.

As can be seen in the promo video, the clothesline is relatively easy to install and requires no drilling or other tools to assemble.

The brackets for the awning clothesline are manufactured in Australia and the product will fit most but not all caravan awnings.

‘You can install the clothesline either under your awning and still have your privacy screen down, plus (it) can be installed externally if you have an annexe,” he says.

Pricing starts at $199.99 on the Reverse Mate website.

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